Grp sheets and grp rolls by Brianza plastica,
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elyplast grp sheets and grp rolls
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Technical data

The laminates made of polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass have the following technical features:

Density 1,4 kg/dm3 internal method
Temperature range -40°C + 120°C internal method

Fire reaction

Standard GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester) laminates do not drip. Class (estimated) 4
Light trasmission Clear translucent 82%, light opal 56%, milky white 35% (1,0 mm thickness) EN 1013
Coefficient thermal conductivity (λ) 0,22 W/mK internal method
Coefficient heat trasmission (U) 220 W/m2K (1 mm) λ/d (d= sheet thickness in m)
Tensile strenght 5,5 ÷ 6,5 GPa EN ISO 527-42/2
Tensile modulus 5,5 ÷ 6,5 GPa EN ISO 527-42/2
Coefficient of thermal linear expansion 3 x 10-5 °C-1 EN 1013
Water vapor permeability 1,5 x 10-5 mg (m·h·Pa) EN 1013
Flexural rigidity 500 N/mm (E*h 3/12 ) 1 mm
Hardness Barcol 55 ÷ 60 EN 59
Water absorption ≤ 1% internal method

CE mark in compliance with the European Regulation 305/2011/CE, norm EN1013. System VVCP:4.

Resistant to chemical agents

The fiberglass laminates are not affected by the action of the following acids, in the solutions indicated depending on the concentration and the test temperature ranging from 30 to 50°C:

Acetic acid ==> 5%

Sulphoric acid ==> 30%

Hydrochloric acid ==> 10%

Ethyl alcohol ==> 95%

Nitric acid ==> 10%

Benzol ==> 30%

Dimensional and qualitative tolerances

Refer to the EN 1013 standards