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Brianza Plastica: eco-friendly fibreglass laminates manufacturer   Brianza Plastica: eco-friendly fibreglass laminates manufacturer

Brianza Plastica production not only focuses on achieving high levels of quality, but it also relies on the principle of sustainability. The Company is an eco-friendly fibreglass laminates manufacturer, which constantly strives for a positive change, investing in the implementation of modern equipment. The mission is to ensure a high degree of safety for the employees and minimize the negative environmental impact, through a green production process.

Acting as separate factories of the same eco-friendly producer, all the manufacturing facilities located in Italy (Carate Brianza, two in S. Martino di Venezze and Ostellato) follow this sustainable philosophy. In addition to operate in strict compliance with current regulations on environmental hygiene, Brianza Plastica applies focused practices to reduce the dispersion of substances in the air and convert them into reusable sources. Indeed, all sites are equipped with modern and powerful suction systems, which purify the internal environment. These filtering systems convey solvents and volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.), created during the production process, to specific innovative and cutting-edge abatement plants for their concentration and final destruction.

These eco-friendly fibreglass laminates manufacturing practices undertaken by Brianza Plastica meet all the Best Available Technique (BAT) requirements, as well as the strictest European standards, since they minimize emissions and footprint on the environment.