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Corrugated and ribbed roofing GRP sheets for every need

Hundreds of corrugated and ribbed roofing GRP profiles in the Elyplast range from Brianza Plastica

The Italian company Brianza Plastica counts four production sites and 60 years of history in the production of a wide and complete range of fiberglass laminates, including many corrugated and ribbed roofing GRP sheets.

ribbed roofing GRP

Elyplast ribbed roofing GRP sheets, as in their corrugated version, have extreme mechanical strength a very low coefficient of thermal expansion to ensure stability and durability. Moreover, they are highly resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents, easy to handle and work and they can be used for a variety of applications in industrial, residential and agricultural buildings.

In particular, ribbed roofing GRP sheets are profiled to suit metal roofing and cladding profiles, they are the most frequently used material for roofing, walls and skylights on pitched roofs. About that, ribbed roofing GRP sheets can have a length that corresponds to that of the roof pitch; otherwise, it is necessary to use overlapping. Moreover, in their translucent version, they allow naturally diffused daylight into a wide range of applications.

As leader manufacturer of GRP roofing, Brianza Plastica offers a wide variety of profiles and colors, both translucent and opaque. Brianza Plastica GRP roofing sheets can be applied in different application fields thanks to their lightness, ease of installation, simplicity of cleaning, high chemical resistance and elevate temperature resistance. This characteristic, together with their low coefficient of thermal expansion, is essential in particular during summer and in territories where high temperatures can be reached.

GRP low impact production & new R&D Laboratories

Brianza Plastica production focuses on achieving high levels of quality, while ensuring high degree of safety and low environmental impact: in fact, all Brianza Plastica’s GRP laminates production sites are equipped with powerful suction systems that purify the internal production areas by carrying the solvents to modern abatement plants that automatically powers itself by recovering the heat generated by the combustion of solvent. The heat recovered is partly reused to power the plant and partly to generate hot water for heating.

Brianza Plastica recently inaugurated a new laboratory for research and development and production control activities. The new laboratory is three times bigger than the previous one and also benefits from a significant increase in technical staff. It has also been expanded by additional equipment to carry out most of the chemical-physical tests on the raw materials used and on the finished products. The new facility is equipped with the most advanced instruments to support the production processes of insulation panels and composite laminates.

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