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Low coefficient of thermal expansion GRP sheets

Low thermal expansion

Among other essential factors, thermal aspects rise many concerns when choosing covering laminates for buildings or structures because they have an impact on their performance: Elyplast low coefficient of thermal expansion GRP sheets are a good solution. This feature describes how much a material expands in length under temperature increase per degree. Different materials respond to temperature changes in different ways according to their composition. Thanks to their structure, low coefficient of thermal expansion GRP sheets can better withstand high temperatures (up to 120°C). Therefore, they have a lower propensity for change in size under temperature variations than other plastic materials. This always results in high performances, resistance and durability of our laminates. Thanks to their versatility, during years Elyplast products have met the need of multiple customers coming from all over the world giving Brianza Plastica a widespread global reputation.

All-around applications

Elyplast GRP sheets can be used to create roofs, vertical disclosures and skylights in residential and industrial buildings, agricultural structures like greenhouses or farms and DIY structures including verandas, pergolas, tool sheds or fences. All these open-air constructions are basically exposed to heat and temperature changes. Some applications require thermal expansion to be more seriously considered because of more aggressive environmental conditions and highest temperatures. To this end, low coefficient of thermal expansion GRP sheets are the ideal solution for these structures to be built in warm countries where high temperatures could cause dimension variations and compromise their covering efficiency.

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