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Long lasting GRP sheets are a cost-effective solution

A durable and performing investment in long lasting GRP sheets

Since its foundation as producer of laminates for roofing and cladding, Brianza Plastica has invested in producing long lasting GRP sheets to meet one of the main design requirements for most structures. Durability is a crucial advantage against unexpected deterioration during serving life and clearly provides value for money to consumers minimizing the necessary maintenance over time. Employing long lasting GRP sheets is a guarantee for multiple applications, including both agricultural and industrial buildings, as well as DIY structures. Their higher resistance to wear and tear makes them ideal for such outdoor constructions which are regularly exposed to the most varied environmental conditions.

What contributes to produce long lasting GRP sheets is the choice of raw materials for their composition. Elyplast laminates are produced through a stratification process of polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement (GRP) whose properties are highly appreciated compared to other surfacing materials.

Fiberglass features ensuring durability

There are multiple specific features merging into long lasting GRP sheets able to both keep their appearance and preserve their efficiency even in extreme conditions. Due to its high degree of flexural and tensile rigidity, fiberglass withstands shocks, breakages, scratches and abrasion. Moreover, it’s not sensitive to dimensional variations due to exposure to high levels of moisture and extreme high and low temperatures. In particular, due to their low coefficient of thermal expansion, GRP sheets are able to withstand up to 140°. Also, GRP sheets feature a strong resistance to corrosion due to all chemical and atmospheric agents. Finally, Brianza Plastica offers additional special protective films to be applied on GRP sheets surface to increase their abrasion resistance or provide UV protection and further improve their overall performance.

Other insights on GRP sheets

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