Grp sheets and grp rolls by Brianza plastica,
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elyplast grp sheets and grp rolls
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Case History

GRP sheets manufacturer Brianza Plastica is a global leader

The company is a leader GRP sheets manufacturer with about 60 years of activity

Brianza Plastica was founded in 1962 as manufacturer of fibreglass laminates. During the following years, the success quickly increased thanks to the boost in product range, both in fiberglass laminates sector and in the building one. The birth of new branches, not only in Italy but also in Europe and USA, supported the company in becoming one of the world’s leading GRP sheets manufacturer. The high quality and the well-known characteristics of GRP sheets and polyester rolls played an important role in this achievement: the chemical and mechanical resistance, the lightness and the easy manoeuvrability are some of their most important features. All these aspects brought Brianza Plastica products to be applied in a large variety of application fields, including agricultural and industrial buildings, DIY structures, cooling towers and greenhouses.

Sustainability and innovation: the two keywords of Brianza Plastica   

In order to become a leader as GRP sheets manufacturer, Brianza Plastica has always relied on two different principles: the innovation of the developed products and the sustainability of the production process.
Over the years, the company has focused the attention on the characteristics of products to be in step with other manufacturers of fibreglass laminates. Tests and researches have been conducted in order to:

  • reduce at minimum the yellowing of Elyplast fibreglass sheets;
  • apply a protection coat for the UV protection of Elyplast fibreglass sheets;
  • implement the range of GRP sheets and polyester rolls available on the market.

Moreover, Brianza Plastica is a GRP sheets manufacturer operating in full respect of current regulations on environmental hygiene. The sites feature modern suction systems which have the task of filtering the internal environment, by conveying the solvents created during the production process to abatement plants.

Other insights on GRP sheets

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