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Long lasting GRP rolls give the most value for money

Reasons why Elyplast long lasting GRP rolls always pay off

Elyplast production of fiberglass laminates by Brianza Plastica includes long lasting GRP rolls able to meet or even exceed the standards of quality expected by customers for covering and cladding of the most varied outdoor structures. Besides appearance and efficiency, quality usually translates as longevity indeed. Due to fiberglass properties, Elyplast GRP rolls feature a convenient and unrivalled longer life compared to competitive materials, even in demanding conditions. Using long lasting GRP rolls has clearly a positive influence on the reliability and stability of the structure, but also on the whole maintenance expense upon customers because they’re able to preserve their functional and aesthetics features over time.

long lasting GRP rolls

Qualities of long-lasting GRP rolls

Fiberglass has several qualities that combine to deliver performing and versatile long lasting GPR rolls. First of all, fiberglass has an impressive mechanical strength, or flexural and tensile rigidity in more technical terms, allowing Elyplast rolls to withstand shocks, breakages, scratches and abrasion. This material is also highly corrosion resistant, that is Elyplast GRP rolls don’t rust or corrode when they are exposed to chemicals and other aggressive elements, as well as wet or harsh environments. Moreover, they don’t even warp or crack under the prolonged exposure to very high or low temperatures. In particular, the low coefficient of thermal expansion allows installation of GRP rolls under hot temperatures up to 120°. This dimension stability prevents possible water or moisture penetration and air infiltration preserving the covering or cladding performance of GRP rolls.

Thanks to such specific technical features, long lasting GRP rolls fit multiple applications in the construction industry. Designers and engineers, as well as DIY enthusiasts, can rely on GRP rolls qualities for roofing and covering, vertical disclosures and skylights in industrial, agricultural and residential structures of any dimension and function.

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