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Case History

Elyonda: GRP opaque sheets dedicated line

A great alternative to metal sheets

Elyonda GRP opaque sheets can be defined as the evolved version of Elyclear sharing exactly the same features, except transparency of course. Their opacity opens Brianza Plastica up to a wider range of applications in construction industry, especially those where light control is required rather than its natural transmission. Applications span across industrial, agricultural and DIY fields for the creation of roofs, wall panels and false ceilings both when building new structures and renovating existing ones.

GRP opaque sheets

Features of GRP opaque sheets

Elyonda is a great alternative to metal laminates both for better aesthetic result and structural properties. Their main and distinguishing feature is 100% opacity, providing a shield against direct sunlight and maintaining a comfortable environment within any structure. As all Elyplast products, one of the key advantages of GRP opaque sheets is their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Despite being lightweight and therefore easy to handle and install, they exhibit high strength and rigidity, making them suitable for applications where structural integrity is crucial. This feature allows architects and engineers to design structures with large spans and minimal supporting frameworks, reducing construction costs and enhancing aesthetic appeal. Another notable characteristic is their excellent weather resistance: due to resistance to corrosion, UV radiation and extreme temperature variations, they can maintain appearance and performance even in harsh environments, such as coastal areas or regions with intense sunlight. Furthermore, GRP opaque sheets are highly versatile in terms of design and customization to suit specific project requirements, since different sizes, profiles and colors are available.

Design possibilities

Elyonda sheets are available in both straight corrugated and ribbed versions for the construction of roofs, vertical curtains, walls and false ceilings for agricultural, industrial and farm buildings. Also, Brianza Plastica produces GRP opaque sheets in small sizes for DIY activities: Elyonda LT and Elyonda XLT which are respectively protected with a polyester film and a layer of gelcoat. The combination of lightness and easy handling, surface protection and resistance makes them perfect to build pergolas, veranda, gardening, hobby tool or sheds autonomously. Moreover, they are available in the brightly colors of green, brick red and light grey, in addition to others upon request. these sheets are normally used for the construction of pergolas, veranda, gardening, hobby tool or sheds.

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