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Protected GRP sheets surface for a longer serving life

Get the chance of having protected GRP sheets

To complete its wide and varied range of fiberglass laminates and further improve their performance, Brianza Plastica expands its offer providing customers with the possibility of having a protected GRP sheets surface. The inclusion of a good surface protection film increases the longevity of the laminates reducing the surface abrasion and being an UV protection. As a result, any kind of roof, coverture, skylights or disclosure they are applied to can rely on Elyplast protected GRP sheets to keep their functional integrity overtime. Therefore, our protective solutions make our panels very versatile and suitable for several applications, including agricultural buildings like greenhouses or livestock, industrial buildings and also DIY structures like pergolas, verandas, tool sheds, fences, porches, awnings and so on. Here follow the available surface finishing GRP sheets can be protected with.

Three outstanding protective solutions

First, Elyplast GRP sheets can be protected by an anti-UV polyester film which is particularly resistant against UV rays. This protection helps avoiding surface abrasion and slowing down color fading and yellowing processes due to a long exposure to sun so that laminates can maintain their original appearance for long.

A special polyester film is also available to add a protected GRP sheets surface. Giving a high resistance to all atmospheric agents, this layer reduces the possible consequent abrasion and rising of the glass fiber preserving the aesthetic appearance of the material over time.

Finally, Elyplast GRP sheets can be protected through the application of a selected isophthalic resin (gelcoat) on the external surface during the lamination phase. This material preserves the stability and integrity of laminates giving a great resistance to shocks and atmospheric pollutants.

Other insights on GRP sheets

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