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Case History

Fibreglass roofing supplies worldwide thanks to Brianza Plastica activity

Different GRP roofing supplies to satisfy any costumer’s needs: this is the main company’s goal

Since its birth in 1962, Brianza Plastica has invested substantial resources in improving its fibreglass roofing supplies mechanism in order to become more efficient and compliant with costumers’ needs around the world. Its efforts start with the right choice of raw material, they continue with the development of a wide range of sheets and rolls in different profiles (more than 400 profiles are hence available) and colours and they end with a skilled commercial network that follows products and costumers’ needs carefully. Thanks to its attention to the entire supply chain, the company can now boast a durable and growing clients network coming primarily from Italy, European countries, north Africa and Gulf Area. This process has also been supported by the numerous exhibitions in which the company has taken part during the years, making Brianza Plastica GRP sheets and rolls famous worldwide. The multiple applications of these fibreglass laminates close then the circle: they can be used in the construction of GRP roofing for stables, agricultural and industrial buildings, garden and tool sheds but also to create skylights and roofing for greenhouses.

What kind of prerequisites can the fiberglass roofing supplies by Brianza Plastica boast?

The GRP roofing supplies by Brianza Plastica are able to satisfy multiple characteristics that can be summarized as follow:

  • high mechanical resistance which ensures stability and durability, even on extreme weather conditions;
  • durability over the years that minimizes the necessary maintenance over time;
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion and resistance to high temperature thanks to the fibreglass material which is able to withstand up to 140°, doubling the capacity of other plastic products;
  • lightness and easy handling permitting to install the product quickly and in efficient way simply following the user manual and the on-line installation video;
  • strong resistance to corrosion due to chemical agents like benzol, ethyl alcohol, sulphoric acid and ammonia.

Fibreglass roofing supplies: sheets and rolls for everyone

Brianza Plastica offers either sheets or rolls for the construction of any kind of GRP roofing. As far as the fiberglass sheets for roofing is concerned, the company proposes natural clear and colored corrugated or ribbed sheets; the major profiles requested by this specific market are RN076, RN146 and RN177 in case of the corrugated GRP sheets and RN117, RN118, RN183, RN274, RN418 and RN454 for the ribbed ones. GRP rolls for roofing plays an important role too, since they are one of the pioneer products manufactured by the company, produced in natural clear, white-milk, yellow, and green.

Other insights on fibreglass roofing supplies

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