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UV protected GRP sheets: maximum protection over time

The great anti-UV design of Elyplast GRP sheets

Elyplast fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls are produced by continuous lamination process of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin in Carate Brianza, north of Milan, production site and headquarters of Brianza Plastica group. Elyplast standard version is based on carefully selected orthophthalic resins with reduced styrene content and stabilized against UV rays. Elyplast GRP sheets can be protected by an anti-UV protection film which is particularly resistant against UV rays. This film ensures that the sheet maintains its original characteristics over time, avoiding surface abrasion and delaying color fading process. This feature makes Elyplast UV protected GRP sheets the ideal solution for roofing and cladding for agriculture and greenhouses, as well as skylights for agricultural and industrial buildings. In any case, Elyplast UV protected GRP sheets are very versatile and adapt to several applications, sometimes in very demanding conditions, from roofs and skylights for industry to the realization of porches, awnings and coverings in general. The length of GRP sheets, especially for roofs, can be equal to the roof section, otherwise overlaps must be used. Elyplast UV protected GRP sheets are produced in a wide range of profiles, both ribbed and corrugated. Elyplast translucent fiberglass sheets with protection against UV give the environment a completely new diffused light and comfort, together with a high mechanical and chemical resistance, for a very long lifetime.

UV protected grp sheets

Other protections for Elyplast GRP sheets

There is a multiple choice of gelcoat and films to protect Elyplast sheets. GRP sheets can be protected not only by an anti-UV polyester film, but also by a selected isophthalic resin (gelcoat) applied to the external surface during the lamination phase. Gelcoat offers a surface resistant to atmospheric pollutants and shocks and guarantees the laminate its structural and functional integrity over time. Elyplast sheets can also be protected by a special polyester film which acts as a surface protection for the fiberglass laminate; the protection guarantees high resistance to abrasion from atmospheric agents and limits the rise of the glass fiber, preserving the aesthetic appearance of the material over time. With Elyplast fiberglass sheets, a multiple choice of protections to satisfy every need are available.

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